"Our ancestors have wandered the globe, leaving us only one clue to trace our heritage; their surname."

Author Unknown

I grew up not knowing of any COCKERLINEs other than those in my immediate family. My Aunt Margaret had some charts which she willingly showed to those who expressed interest. In those charts were generations of COCKERLINEs spanning back to the 1700's in Yorkshire, and also some information about other COCKERLINEs who had come to North America.

(1905 - 2001)

Years later, whenever I traveled, I often found myself looking in phone books to see if there were any COCKERLINEs listed. Interestingly enough, I did find other COCKERLINEs, and as I got to know them, several admitted to a similar habit of checking phone books for COCKERLINEs wherever they traveled.

So, if you have ever had the urge to check a phone book looking for COCKERLINEs, then this site is for you!