Earliest mention of the COCKERLINE surname

There are a half dozen occurrences of the COCKERLINE/COCKALINE name in the Howden and Knedlington areas in the first quarter of the 1600's. Are these siblings, or possibly cousins? Or in other words, was William COCKERLINE the only COCKERLINE in this area, or did he have brothers and sisters in the area? And who were his parents?

If the COCKERLINEs came from elsewhere, where did they come from? In Essex, there is the recorded marriage of Jonas COCKERLIN and Maria BLAGBONNE at Kelvedon in 1590. There is also the recorded birth of Helen COCKERLIN to Jonas & Helen COCKERLIN at Kelvedon in 1628. In that these two events are 38 years apart, this implies at least two generations of COCKERLINEs in that area, but to date we have not found other records of "COCKERLINs" in the area. Did the name "daughter out"? Did the family move? Or did the spelling of the name simple change? This is an aspect that has not been fully researched.

In the above two instances, the name was recorded as "COCKERLIN". In his comments as to the possible origins of the COCKERLINE surname, Noel ELLIOTT points out the occurrence of a COCKLIN in the London area in 1679. With variations in spelling and dialect, this Denis COCKLIN may have a common ancestor with us. This idea is reinforced by the fact that in some of the Yorkshire records, the COCKLIN spelling is occasionally used for individuals who are definitely linked to our COCKERLINE family line! Over the centuries, there are several occurrences of names in the London area that look suspiciously like COCKERLINE. Some, but not all, seem to have been COCKERLINEs from Yorkshire having moved to London. These need to be researched.

As to other spelling of COCKERLINE surname, I need to go back to my notes and investigate the dates and locations of these alternate spellings: COCALINE & COCELINE, COCLIN, COCCOLINE, COCKALIN & COCKALINE, COCKELIN & COCKELINE, COCKERLEN, COCKLIN, COCKLINE, COCKLING and COCKERLONE. And given the find of a box of COQUELIN biscuits in Aunt Margaret's files, perhaps the COCQUELIN and COQUELIN names should also added to list of names to research.