COCKERLINEs in Australia (1900)

World-wide, there were just 178 individuals who were known by the COCKERLINE surname in the year 1900. Only one (1) family is known to have lived in Australia.

James COCKERLINE (b: ~1860 , YKS - d: 1923, AU)
James was the son of William COCKERLINE and Jane PICKERING of Bridlington, ER, Yorkshire. James was enumerated in Bridlington during the 1861 & 1871 census, but has not yet been found in the English census records for 1881 or thereafter. In 1887, he married Martha WATSON of Bridlington in Queensland, AUSTRALIA. Two of their 3 children died in infancy and Martha appears to have returned to England with their 3rd child, Emma, where they were enumerated in 1901. James appears to have remained in Australia, where he died in 1923.

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 Last updated : Dec 2008