COCKERLINEs in the United Kingdon (1900)

World-wide, there were just 178 individuals who went by the COCKERLINE surname in the year 1900, with 113 being in the UK. The majority of these COCKERLINEs were still found in and around Hull, Yorkshire.

COCKERLINEs in Hull/Sculcoates - 52
COCKERLINEs in East Yorkshire - 24
COCKERLINEs in WestYorkshire - 12
COCKERLINEs in North Yorkshire - 3
COCKERLINEs in Durham - 6
COCKERLINEs in Lancashire - 6
COCKERLINEs in Lincolnshire - 6
COCKERLINEs in Wales - 4

COCKERLINEs in Hull, Yorkshire

James COCKERLINE, head of family, aged 57, Born: Hull, Yorkshire
Location: 2 Ebor Pl Portland St, Kingston-upon-Hull
Ann E COCKERLINE, wife, aged 56, Born: Howden, ER, Yorkshire

Sarah COCKERLINE, widow, age 65, Born: Hull, Yorkshire
Location: 27 Blanket Row, Holy Trinity and St. Mary, Kingston upon Hull
Robert COCKERLINE, son, single, age 36, Born: Russia (British subject)

John COCKERLINE, age 81, Born: Kingston upon Hull, Yorkshire
Location: ????
Hannah M COCKERLINE, age 73, Born: Driffield, Yorkshire

Walter Herbert COCKERLINE, married, age 44
Location: ????
Mary COCKERLINE, age 44, wife
Ethel Mary COCKERLINE, age 20, daughter
Walter Herbert COCKERLINE, Jr, son
Edith Annie COCKERLINE, age 17, daughter

Margaret COCKERLINE, age 56, , Born: Hessle, Domestic Housekeeper

? Mary COCKERLINE, age 50, Shopkeeper Cook

COCKERLINEs in Sculcoates, Yorkshire

Earnest H COCKERLINE, age 26, Born: Hull
3 Richmond Terrace, Sculcoates,
Sarah J. COCKERLINE ae. 25 married to a Cockerline???
George W COCKERLINE, son, age 2, Born: Doncaster
Arthur L COCKERLINE, age 8 mo, Born: Doncaster

Mary E COCKERLINE, Daughter, age 19, Born: Hull

James COCKERLINE, age 50, Born: Hull, Yorkshire
Location: 6 Ada Avenue, Sculcoates
Susannah COCKERLINE, wife, age 50, Born: Hull, Yorkshire
Emily COCKERLINE, dau, age 18, Born: Hull, Yorkshire
Rose COCKERLINE, dau, age 15, Born: Hull, Yorkshire
Ernest COCKERLINE, son, age 13, Born: Hull, Yorkshire
James S COCKERLINE, son, age 11, Born: Hull, Yorkshire

John COCKERLINE, age 55; Born: Hull, Yorkshire
Location: 2 Jubilee Terr Grange St, Sculcoates
Kate COCKERLINE, wife, age 49; b Hull, Yorkshire
Fred COCKERLINE, son, age 15; b Hull, Yorkshire
Alfred Lionel COCKERLINE, son, age 12; b Hull, Yorkshire

Beatrice COCKERLINE, age 12, b. Cottingham, Yorkshire
Location: Industrial School Park Avenue, Sculcoates

Rose Ellen COCKERLINE, head of family, age 58; Born: Wisbeach, Cambridge
Location: 52 Blemheim St, Sculcoates
Clara COCKERLINE, dau, single, age 31, Born: Hull, Yorkshire
Eleanor COCKERLINE, dau, single, age 27, Born: Hull, Yorkshire

Harry COCKERLINE, age 26, Born: Hull, Yorkshire
Location: 16 Edwards Terrace, Sculcoates
Emily COCKERLINE, wife, age 26, Born: Hull, Yorkshire

William COCKERLINE, age 53, Born: Patrington, Yorkshire
Location: 51 Clifton St, Sculcoates
Maude COCKERLINE, wife, age 30, Born: Hull, Yorkshire
William COCKERLINE, son, single, age 21, Born: Hull, Yorkshire
Mabel COCKERLINE, dau, single, age 17, Born: Cottingham, Yorkshire

? Ada Frances COCKERLINE, adopted, age 5, Born: York, Yorkshire

Joseph Richard COCKERLINE, age 28; Born: Sculcoates, Yorkshire
Location: ????
ELiza COCKERLINE, wife, age 25; b Hull, Yorkshire
Eva COCKERLINE, son, age 5; b Hull, Yorkshire
Stanley COCKERLINE, son, age 2; b Hull, Yorkshire
Olive COCKERLINE, daughter, age 1; b Hull, Yorkshire

John COCKERLINE, age 33, Born: Hull, Yorkshire
Location: ????
Evelyne C COCKERLINE, wife, age 31, Born: Hull, Yorkshire
Evelyne C COCKERLINE, daughter, age 5, Born: Hull, Yorkshire
Elizabeth COCKERLINE, mother, widow, age 61,

Robert Edward COCKERLINE, age 64, Born: Sculcoates, Yorkshire
Location: Sculcoates
Mary COCKERLINE, wife, age 62, Born: Sculcoates, Yorkshire

Fred COCKERLINE, age 41, Born: Bridlington, Yorkshire
Location: Sculcoates
Mary COCKERLINE, wife, age 39, Born: Bridlington, Yorkshire

COCKERLINEs in East Yorkshire

Martha E COCKERLINE, Head of family, married, age 41, Born: Bridlington, ER, Yorkshire
Location: 67, Saint John St, Bridlington
Emmie COCKERLINE, daughter, age 12, Born: Australia

Herbert Reuben COCKERLINE, age 49, Born: Bridlington, ER, Yorkshire
Location: Bridlington
Mary COCKERLINE, age 47, Born: Bridlington, ER, Yorkshire

Mary E COCKERLINE, age 48, Born: Little Cowden, Yorkshire
Location: Cottingham
Minnie COCKERLINE, age 23, Born: Hull, ER, Yorkshire
Mary Kate COCKERLINE, age 17, Born: Withernsea, ER, Yorkshire
Fred K COCKERLINE, age 14, Born: Withernsea, ER, Yorkshire

Catherine COCKERLINE, head of family, aged 65, Born: Holmpton, ER, Yorkshire
Location: Main St, Holmpton
Rosannah COCKERLINE, niece, aged 10, Born: Hull, Yorkshire

Ada COCKERLINE, aged 14, Born: Weeton, Yorkshire
Location: Patrington

Nancy COCKERLINE, age 79, Born: Roos, Yorkshire
Location: Roos

George COCKERLINE, age 18, Born: Withernsea, Yorkshire
Location: Skeffling

George COCKERLINE, head, age 47, Born: Withernsea, Yorkshire
Location: Sunk Island
Leah COCKERLINE, wife, age 44, undefined employment status, Born: Hedon, Yorkshire
William COCKERLINE, son, single, age 16, Ploughboy, Born: Weeton, Yorkshire
Lily COCKERLINE, dau, single, age 11, Born: Weeton, Yorkshire
John COCKERLINE, son, single, age 9, Born: Weeton, Yorkshire
Emily COCKERLINE, dau, single, age 7, Born: Weeton, Yorkshire
Eva COCKERLINE, dau, single, age 3, Born: Danthorpe, Yorkshire
William COCKERLINE, father, widower, age 78, general agricultural labourer, Born: Ottringham, Yorkshire

Thomas COCKERLIN, age 64, Born: Welwick
Location: Withernsea
Rhoda COCKERLIN, age 56, Born: Keyingham
Edith COCKERLIN, age 16, Born: Patrington

COCKERLINEs in West Yorkshire

Berthold COCKERLINE, (male), age 23, Born: Bradford, WR, Yorkshire
Location: Bradford
Jessie COCKERLINE, age 20, Born: Bradford, WR, Yorkshire

Thomas COCKERLINE, head of family, aged 40, Born: Hull, Yorkshire
Location: 64 Well Close View, Leeds
Hannah COCKERLINE, wife, aged 38 Born: London
Thomas COCKERLINE, son, aged 9, Born: Leeds, Yorkshire

William COCKERLYNE, aged 54, Born: Roos, Yorkshire
Location: 41 Leopold St, Potternewton, Leeds
Mary COCKERLYNE, aged 55, Born: Barnton, CHES
Thomas H. COCKERLYNE, aged 29, Born: Leeds, Yorkshire
Gertrude COCKERLYNE, aged 25, Born: Leeds, Yorkshire
Edith H COCKERLYNE, aged 20, Born: Leeds, Yorkshire

Edward COCKERLYNE, aged 27, Born: Leeds, Yorkshire
Florence COCKERLYNE, aged 26, Born: Oxenhope, Yorkshire

COCKERLINEs in North Yorkshire

William COCKERLINE, aged 26, Born: Hull, Yorkshire
Location: Sheffield
Mabel COCKERLINE, aged 25 Born: Sheffield, Yorkshire
Jack COCKERLINE, aged 2 Born: Sheffield, Yorkshire


John Wm COCKERLINE, Head of family, married, age 37, Born: Withernsea, Yorkshire
Location: Middleton One Row, Middleton St George
Jane Ann COCKERLINE, wife, age 34, Born: Scargill, Yorkshire
Elizabeth A COCKERLINE, daughter, age 15, Born: Owstwick, Yorkshire
George A COCKERLINE, son, age 13, Born: Escombe, Durham
Mary E COCKERLINE, daughter, age 12, Born: Escombe, Durham
John S COCKERLINE, son, age 3, Born: Spennymoor, Durham

COCKERLINEs in Lancashire

Harry COCKERLIN, aged 38, Born: Halifax
Location: ????
Eleanor C COCKERLIN, aged 30, Born: Manchester
Elsie COCKERLIN, aged 3, Born: Manchester
Edith COCKERLIN, aged 1, Born: Manchester

Kate COCKERLIN, aged 45, Born: Leeds, Yorkshire
Location: ????
Fred COCKERLIN, aged 34, Born: Manchester

COCKERLINEs in Lincolnshire

Thomas COCKERLINE, head of family, aged 44, Born: Wilcrick (sic: Welwick)
Location: John Road, Louth (Tetney)
Selina COCKERLINE, wife, age. 35, born: Grimsby, Lincolnshire.
Kate COCKERLINE, age 15, born: Grimsby, Lincolnshire.
Elizabeth COCKERLINE, daughter, age. 13, born: Grimsby, Lincolnshire.
Selina COCKERLINE, daughter, age. 10, born: Waltham, Lincolnshire.
George COCKERLINE, son, age. 4 born: Tetney, Lincolnshire.


Matthew Robert COCKERLINE - not in the census records - presumed to be at sea
, wife, age 22, Born: Bristol, Gloucestershire, England
Location: Glamorgan
James COCKERLINE, son, age 8, Born: Cardiff, Glamorgan, Wales
Margaret COCKERLINE, daughter, age 4, Born: Cardiff, Glamorgan, Wales


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